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People say ‘change is constant’, ‘change is good’, ‘if you are not changing, you are moving backwards’.  Cliche’s?  Words of wisdom?

Whatever you call them, change does occur.

In the “rep” business, this usually means you are either terminated from a vendor representation contract, the manufacturer you represent has ‘sold out’ or perhaps one of your top vendors recently cut a deal to sell a product in which you already represent a competitor.

This happens often with representatives as we have a 30 day contract and no control over the decisions made by our vendor partners.

Sometimes, however, you are ‘in control’.  When a vendor’s methods do not line up with your methods, it may be time for a change.  This just happened to Weitzer Sales Ltd.  We had a situation where WE had to make a decision, a decision to ‘change’ the direction of where we were getting led and get back to our own methods.

Change!  For better or worse.