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Icotek is an innovative manufacturer of cable entry solutions. The key feature is Icotek’s patented split frame and insert system.

Icotek’s product groups consist of:

  • Cable Entry System for “PRE-TERMINATED” cables. No more cutting off connectors and terminating to blocks.
  • Cable Entry System for non-terminated cables.
  • Strain Relief Systems
  • EMC Innovations-Provide EMC shield termination quickly and easily.
  • Cabinet Accessories-Module plates, flange plates

Weitzer and Icotek offer innovation and quality for cable management solutions.

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Terminated Cable Entry Systems

Icotek provides a new method of cable management. This system allows access and re-access to cabling entering enclosures.

  • Use for PRE-TERMINATED cables
  • Use with non-terminated cables
  • Entry systems can be designed for removal
  • EMC termination
  • Strain relief