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Moltec International

Moltec International is North America’s premier developer and provider of wire and cable protection systems. Passionate about providing our customers with solutions that are right for them, we combine the outstanding performance characteristics and diversity of the European made wire and cable protection products with the innovative in-house design, engineering and manufacture of custom adapters and specialty fittings.

Problem-solving even the toughest challenges is what drives us to meet our customers’ needs, be it with simple components or complex fully-wired harness assemblies. These unique customer-centric solutions are of the highest quality and are the cornerstone for our success.

Our systems are designed and manufactured to specifications on a per project basis. We have successfully showcased our capabilities with the development of industry changing solutions such as the Plug & Play Hybrid Harness System, Quik-Fit II Tower and Nacelle Lighting and Power Systems, and our Solar EZ Connect System. Moltec is committed to developing solutions made from the highest quality products and workmanship that deliver improved efficiencies and reduced costs to our customers.

The heart of our operation lies in Oakville, Ontario. It is from this location that our extraordinary team reaches out and connects with our customers around the globe.


Moltec International

Non-metallic Conduit

Our non-metallic corrugated conduits are manufactured from high quality nylon such as polyamide 6 and 12, polypropylene, and polyvinylidene fluoride. Each style is specially modified to exhibit unique characteristics such as enhanced flexibility, durability, weathering and UV protection, just to name a few. Grip Lock conduits are ideal for a range of applications and surpass today’s industry standards and customer expectations. Professional and visually aesthetic installations and exceptional mechanical protection are easily achieved with Grip Lock.

Nylon Fittings

Grip Lock fittings are available in various body configurations & virtually all thread sizes & types to ensure customer application requirements can be satisfied. Grip Lock polyamide fittings feature a revolutionary integrated locking collar that provides a top quality, easy to use, and secure connection. Click here to view assembly instructions.

Metal Threaded Swivel Fittings

In order to provide a complete wire and cable protection solution, Moltec produces a range of metal threaded swivel fittings and connectors.  Customers can choose from various body configurations and threads. The high-grade formulated polyamide fittings feature an integrated black anodized or electroless nickel plated aluminum swivel component. The treated swivel fittings have excellent impact and corrosion resistance.

System Support and Accessories

Grip Lock system supports offer robust fastening options for easy mounting of conduits. Complimenting the Grip Lock fittings and system supports is an array of notable accessories that provide a more complete line of wire and cable protection products.
Our conversion/transition adapters, conduit reducers, strain relief grommets, o-rings, lock nuts, sealing washers, and system tools deliver the utmost in securing and sealing of installations.