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ir-window_001We are excited to officially announce that Grace has a new product line! June 11, 2014, Grace Engineered Products is introducing SafeSide® IR Viewing Windows to the world. We are excited about this product because, like all Grace Engineered products, it keeps people on the safe side of the panel. If you or your customers are doing IR inspections with the panel door open, you will want to learn about this product.

If you are familiar with other brands of IR viewing windows, here’s what you probably already know. They are round and no larger than 4 inches; they are made of crystal and because of that they degrade, which means the IR camera must be constantly recalibrated to the window; they have a narrow field of view; and they have a life of approximately 8 years in the field.

Now you have another choice.

Grace Engineered Products offer IR Viewing Windows that give you an alternative to the limitations of crystal windows. The W-MC Series IR Viewing Windows are polymer and do not degrade when exposed to acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration and high frequency noise. This is a guarantee no crystal IR window can provide. Also, the W-MC Series IR Viewing Windows offer stable and consistent transmission over the life of the product, and we offer a lifetime warranty (see datasheet for more details).

Additionally, the W-MC Series IR Viewing Windows provide widths of up to 24 inches and we have an unconditional guarantee against transmission loss for accuracy. Moreover, our patented reinforced grill does not affect camera focus.

Grace Engineered Products also offer the traditional round windows in both polymer and crystal. For more information, please visit our website by clicking here…