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Course Description

This course is for: (click for course overview)

  • Electricians
  • Electrical and Maintenance Personnel
  • Safety directors/managers
  • Managers or decisions makers

To purchase and take this ONLINE training course, please click the LINK below (you will be re-directed to the Stark Safety Consultants Order Page) and have your major credit card ready. There are two options for the classs that you can purchase: 7 day, and 30 day. Choosing one, you have either 7 days or 30 days to take and complete the class.

Please note, either option allows you to take the course or sections of the course, as often as you need to pass the course in the allotted timeframe.

Course Outline
1. Purpose/goals 11. Approach boundaries
2. Introduction to electrical safe work practices 12. Warning labels
3. Electrical Hazard Awareness 13. Reading 1-line diagrams
4. OSHA – NFPA 70E overview 14. Arc flash hazard analysis methods
5. Regulation training requirements 15. Electrical Risk Assessment examples
6. PPE and other protective equipment 16. 70E tables vs incident energy analysis
7. Electrical Safety Program requirements 17. Hands on examples
8. Policy vs Procedures 18. Course exam via
9. Lock out Tag requirements 19. Upon Completion Certificate is printable
10. NEC art 110.16 (Warning labels) **No printable copies of course available