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Niedax is one of the largest manufactures of cable tray systems in the world!!! Manufactured in Germany on a completely automated line, cable tray and components are stocked in a 65,000 square foot warehouse in Ohio. Mesh tray is manufactured in the USA.

Niedax offers the following products:

  • Steel Cable tray
  • Ventilated and non-ventilated, Mill-Galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, painted
  • Material include steel, and stainless steel
  • Ladder tray
  • Steel, mill or hot-dipped galvanized
  • Wire Mesh Tray
  • Steel, Steel/plated, stainless steel
  • UL Listed Walkable Cable Tray-Unique product, used for robotics, conveyor and catwalk systems
  • Raceway
  • Steel, Stainless Steel

Weitzer and Niedax offer innovative solutions for wire and cable management.

Weitzer and Controlled Power Company provides the expertise in power quality solutions.

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Product Categories



  • Cable Ladders Systems are ideal to install large volumes of heavy duty power cables.
  • The long rung spacing means full free air rating of cables.
  • Higher current flow can be achieved at the same cable cross-section.
  • Overheating and consequent damaging of cables is avoided.
  • The new shape of the side rail allows higher cable loads at similar support spans; the continuous perforation in the siderails guarantees easy mounting of fittings.
  • Cables can be installed and fixed to the rungs using appropriate yoke clamps.
  • Niedax Cable Ladders can be slit together to minimize transport and storage volume needs.


Cable Tray Systems

  • The Niedax Cable Tray is an extremely versatile and cost effective solution for your cabling needs.
  • You can select from a wide range of tray sizes, fittings and accessories in various material thicknesses and finishes.
  • Niedax Cable Tray is adaptable to your special needs, customized dimensions are available on request.


  • Niedax UL Listed Walkable Cable Tray(Classified by UL in accordance with NEMA VE1 for USA and CSA E22.2 No. 126.1 for Canada) was developed together with and especially for the automotive industry.
  • Based on Niedax experience in manufacturing cable tray, a special heavy duty version that could be used as a walkway was created.
  • Different kinds of covers, ex. with aluminium checker plates are available.
  • Flexible horizontal fittings allow an easy installation in between all kinds of production machinery like welding robots.


Wire Mesh Tray System

  • Wire Mesh Tray is lightweight, flexible and easy to install.
  • Due to its small surface area there is no accumulation of dirt or humidity.
  • Cable ventilation is perfect.
  • There is no need for long term advanced planning and ordering.
  • Purchase straight sections of tray, a few accessories like the universal splice kit and you are ready to go.
  • All kinds of fittings can be done onsite easily.
  • Wire Mesh Tray is available in many finishes and can be used in industrial and commercial environments, inside and outside.