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OEL Safety Products provide the latest Flame Resistant Electrical PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and Insulated Tools. Identify hazards, have the right PPE, and know how to use it. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Visit OEL Worldwide

OEL Products include:

  • Arc-Rated or HRC PPE from 4-40 Calorie or HRC 0-4 – Hoods, Coveralls, Jackets, Pants, DayWear
  • Gloves – Rubber insulating gloves rated from 500V to 35,000V,
  • Leather Protectors
  • Insulated Tools -The widest offering of insulated tools, torque-wrenches, sockets and drivers
  • DataCom wire marking products

Weitzer and OEL Safety Products provide the correct PPE for the job to make sure workers return home safe.

OEL Worldwide Industries

Arc Flash Suit

Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Oel Safety Products uses the latest technology in clothing when manufacturing Flame Retardant Personal Protection Equipment.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Arc-Flash rated safety clothing is constructed from the highest quality materials
  • Safety clothing line is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Double Insulated Tools

  • Made in the USA
  • Rated for exposure up to 1000VAC and dielectrically tested at 10,000VAC
  • Meet or exceed ASTM F1505-01 and IEC 900 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools.
  • Compliance with OSHA 1910.333 (c)(2), and NFPA 70E 2004.
  • Insulating material used is impact resistant and flame retardant. Two-color insulation makes inspection easier which adds to the overall safety. If the yellow under layer is showing, the tool may no longer be insulated properly and should be considered for replacement and removed from service.
  • OEL is capable of customizing and supplying any tools that require protection up to 1,000 V.
  • OEL will also customize sets to meet your unique tool needs.
  • Weitzer and OEL provide the largest variety of 1000V American Made insulated tools in the world.

OEL Insulated Tools have emerged as a result of electrical safety related work practice 1910.331 0 .33 OSHA standards, to safeguard personnel and equipment that is susceptible to shorting out and creating spiking surges to electronic apparatuses. Compliance with these standards will reduce the number of electrical accidents resulting from unsafe work practices by employees.

OSHA has enacted laws making it mandatory for the electrical industry to develop and implement safety procedures, provide safety equipment (PPE), and train employees who are exposed to 50 volts or more to ground. (Stark Safety Consultants)