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225 Amp


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Track Busway housing section consists of an extruded aluminum shell with “spring -pressure” type copper channel busbars contained in a full length PVC insulator mounted on one side on the interior wall. The aluminum extrusion acts as a 100% ground path meeting UL 857 Standard and complies with applicable paragraphs of Section 250 of the NEC. Each housing has an open access slot over its entire length for the insertion of turn-n-lock plug-in units. Housing configurations include 3 and 4-pole varieties with 600 Volt maximum rating. (B225G 300 volt) Each housing section has male stabs protruding at one end which fit into the channels of the adjoining section. Female-Female construction without male blades is available for some applications. Specify ‘FF’ suffix. Installation tool is used to force the stabs into the busbar channels for a solid spring-tempered electrical connection.

RATINGS: 225 Amp, 600 Volt

LENGTH: 5, 10, 20 Ft.

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