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Advantage™ AC Panel Protection

Panel Mounted Surge Protector



Advantage Panel Mounted Surge Protectors

SSI’s Advantage parallel connected surge protectors (surge protective devices) are the flagship of our product line.  This surge suppressor can be found protecting the mission critical systems of some of the most recognizable companies in the world. When system failure is not an option, you needed the proven performance of the Advantage line.  Designed to safeguard delicate microprocessor based electronics, our surge protective devices allow your critical systems to stay up and running, keeping your company in business while neighboring facilities (often competitors) suffer extensive damage, extended downtime and lost revenue. This is a competitive “Advantage” that is critical to your company’s well-being, bottom line and future.

The Most Advanced SPD Available Today

The Advantage surge protectors represent the latest in surge protection design and performance. Our engineers utilize the most advanced computer circuit modeling and experiences learned over the past thirty-plus years.  The Advantage models lead the industry by providing the lowest let-through voltage, giving you a higher level of protection. Component-level thermal fusing combined with patented, internal, circuit board mounted overcurrent fusing, and Voltage Responsive Circuit™ combined with Frequency Responsive Circuitry, give the Advantage series unmatched performance and safety and makes it the best and most advanced surge protector available!