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REALTIME-Training can be a great asset to you and your company by:

  • Companywide results and trends available at a glance
  • Detailed reports show exactly where more training or course revising is most needed.
  • Enhanced ability to see areas of weakness for entire groups
  • Our subject matter experts can help you customize the criteria, create the perfect questions, and deploy the perfect test.
  • Allows for easy PDF/Excel viewing or printing right at your fingertips.
  • Use your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone while on the go to have
  • “REALTIME” access and manage with ease.

As business becomes more complex and your employees are expected to know more everyday, making certain there is a clear understanding of your policies and procedures is more important than ever.

An educated and trained workforce creates a safer, healthier work environment for everyone, reduces risk and production losses from accidents, inefficiencies and mistakes, and can provide a defensible position in courtrooms, hearings and legal procedures.

REALTIME-Training, delivers by documenting exactly what your employees know and don’t know. Plus, our focus on testing complements your training by providing a great diagnostic tool for your educational programs and exposing them to recognized hazards.

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