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Reliance Controls


Reliance Controls Corporation is located in Racine, WI and specializes in the manufacturing of a wide variety of electrical products. The primary product line consists of heavy duty time clocks and controls, generator accessories, transfer switches and transfer panels for portable generators and inverters.

A manual transfer switch is used to connect a secondary power source, such as a portable generator or inverter, to circuits in a home or building that are wired into the electrical system. The transfer switch isolates the generator power from the utility power making it safe to use the generator as a backup source to run critical circuits in the event the main power fails, and eliminate the possibility of “back feeding” the utility line. The Pro/Tran® models can accommodate up to 10 circuits and generators with a 50A 125/250V outlet (around 12,5000 watts), and the Panel/Link® models are rated up to 200 amps and can act as service or feed-through disconnects, stand-alone main panels, or sub panels and can accommodate up to a 31kw generator. More specialized transfer equipment is also available for traffic signals, telecommunications sites, and other light commercial applications.

Many accessories used with generators are available, such as heavy duty outdoor generator power cords, outdoor remote power inlet boxes, and NEMA and non-NEMA plugs and connectors. The Home Protector® (THP) line of products includes various home monitoring systems, alerts and alarms, geared towards providing alerts during power loss, heat loss, and upon detection of unwanted water.

Reliance Controls Corporation began as “Reliance Automatic Lighting Company” in 1909 with the invention of the heavy-duty commercial time switch.

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Pro/Tran 2 Transfer Switches

The Pro/Tran 2 is the next generation of Loadside™ manual transfer switch.

Pro/Tran Transfer Switches

These indoor surface mount transfer switches are designed for fast installation in residential and commercial applications.

Easy/Tran Transfer Switches

The Easy/Tran manual transfer switch is ideal for single-circuit applications such as furnaces or sump pumps. They are economical and easy to install.

The Home Protectors

The Home Protectors ia a new, affordable line of innovative products from Reliance Controls that complement the installation of a portable generator and transfer switch.


Transfer Switch Accessories

The Reliance Transfer Switch Accessories are designed to compliment your Reliance product.

Panel/Link Transfer Panels

Panel/Link manual transfer panels and generator-ready load centers are available in single phase configurations.

Panel/Link X-Series Neutral Switching Panels

The sequentially-switched neutral means you can switch between a portable generator and utility power without the danger of sending 240V current to a 120V circuit.

The New Reliance Panel/Link X Series is a double-pole manual transfer switch with an exclusive third-pole for the neutral that switches sequentially.

Pro/Tran Signa Series Transfer Switches

Pro/Tran™ “Signa” Series Manual Transfer Switches for Traffic Signal applications.

The “Signa” Series is available in 20A to 50A Models and is designed specifically for traffic signal applications, with an insect-resistant outdoor stainless steel cabinet.