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Surge Suppression LLC

Founded in 1982, SSI set a course to be in the top tier of manufacturing corporations in the Surge Protection Device industry with a desire to establish new standards for quality, performance and design ingenuity. Stemming from a core cluster of experienced and dedicated SPD industry professionals, our devotion to hard-work, innovation and quality control has paved the way for the addition of qualified industry professionals who have brought with them the resources ensuring continued growth in revenue and market share.

Our Products

By specializing only in the manufacture of surge protective devices, SSI is able to fully focus its energies into creating the highest quality lines of products. Being able to dedicate all research and development efforts into one sector of the power quality industry has enabled SSI to quickly build market share and provide quality products the market demands.

SSI manufactures multiple lines of SPDs for both AC and DC power systems as well as data and telecommunication systems from 5 to 7200 volts. With application experience across a full spectrum of industrial, commercial and government sectors; SSI has the capability to address the entire gamut of power quality issues that arise in today’s increasingly technological environments.

Our Services

In addition to award-winning power quality product lines, SSI has the service capabilities to work hand-in-hand with its clients throughout each step of the client-vendor relationship. From carefully calibrated site surveys, to intricately designed systems ensuring full-facility protection, to routine system maintenance, to expansion and consulting services; properly trained and qualified service technicians ensure that our clients are provided for at every turn.

Our Dedication

Throughout the past two decades, SSI and its affiliated companies have impacted the power quality industry on a global scale by growing and expanding its international footprint to six continents, delivering quality products and services to every client, regardless of size.

Our Mission

Our mission remains focused on raising the standards for the SPD industry while our team’s shared positive ethical values, honesty and integrity ensures each of our clients’ needs are met with only superior products, unsurpassed service and support, and in-depth technical expertise in both SPD and power quality services.

SSI is Your Surge Protection Solution!

StarLine Track Busway

Advantage™ Panel Mounted Surge Protectors

SSI’s Advantage parallel connected surge protectors (surge protective devices) are the flagship of our product line.  This surge suppressor can be found protecting the mission critical systems of some of the most recognizable companies in the world. When system failure is not an option, you needed the proven performance of the Advantage line.  Designed to safeguard delicate microprocessor based electronics, our surge protective devices allow your critical systems to stay up and running, keeping your company in business while neighboring facilities (often competitors) suffer extensive damage, extended downtime and lost revenue. This is a competitive “Advantage” that is critical to your company’s well-being, bottom line and future.

The Most Advanced SPD Available Today

The Advantage surge protectors represent the latest in surge protection design and performance. Our engineers utilize the most advanced computer circuit modeling and experiences learned over the past thirty-plus years.  The Advantage models lead the industry by providing the lowest let-through voltage, giving you a higher level of protection. Component-level thermal fusing combined with patented, internal, circuit board mounted overcurrent fusing, and Voltage Responsive Circuitry™ combined with Frequency Responsive Circuitry, give the Advantage series unmatched performance and safety and makes it the best and most advanced surge protector available!

The Most Advanced Medium Voltage Surge Protective Device Available Today

The Medium Voltage Arrester series of parallel connected surge protective devices represent the latest in surge protective device design and performance. By blending advanced computer circuit modeling with tried-and-true design principals learned over the past twenty-plus years, the Medium Voltage series has the lowest let-through voltage, providing the highest possible protection levels. Our Medium Voltage series has unmatched performance and safety, making it the best and most advanced Medium Voltage surge protective device available today!

Custom Solutions to Surge

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities combined with our experienced staff of professional design and application engineers affords us the ability to successfully solve your most difficult surge protection applications. If one of our thousands of standard models will not fit your unique requirements, we will work hand-in-hand with your personnel to make the necessary modifications and design changes to provide you the most optimal protection solution. From a single unit to an entire protection system, no job is too small, too large or too complex.